Short Communication

Research Focus

Kuntal Ganguly* and Manu Chaudhary
Department of Pharmacology, Venus Remedies Ltd, India

*Corresponding author: Kuntal Ganguly, Department of Pharmacology, Venus Remedies Ltd, India

Published: 26 Apr, 2017
Cite this article as: Ganguly K, Chaudhary M. Research Focus. Ann Pharmacol Pharm. 2017; 2(9): 1048.

Short Communication

Some of the fastest growing disease segments worlds over are infectious diseases, cancer, trauma/ wounds amongst others. Not many Pharma companies are involved in small molecule based research and new drug development spans over a decade, requires huge investment with high chances of failure. Venus Medicine Research Center, the R&D division of a multinational company of Indian origin Venus Remedies Limited, focuses on bringing the time and cost gap innovatively to provide solutions in the time of need especially in case of AMR where resistance patterns are changing very fast and industry just cannot afford to wait for a new drug to come. Our approach to innovation, recognizing unmet medical needs of the community and developing appropriate therapies in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), targeted deliveries, oncology and non-oncology ICU based super specialty formulations has carved a niche for ourselves. The alarming trend in the rise of resistance to existing antibiotics and the downturn in the development of new antibiotics is leading to the catastrophe. Scientists at VMRC, worked tirelessly on Antibiotic Adjuvant Therapy to revive existing antibiotics with the help of non antibiotic compounds being used as resistance breakers. Endeavors helped bridging the unmet need with first AAE: Antibiotic Adjuvant Entity, Elores launched in India successfully for ESBL and MBL resistance. Such AAEs will help fill the void in the current antibiotic pipeline until new antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action are invented. Since 2004, Venus is working towards spreading awareness on antibiotic use and abuse, organizing health camps, educating doctors, microbiologists, paramedical staff& other stakeholders. This potentiation of existing antibiotics, enabling them to serve the cause of AMR longer with AAE proved clinically beneficial in management of critically ill patients which were non responding to carbapenems and BL BLIs (beta lactam beta lactamase inhibitor combinations). Currently Venus is pioneer in AMR solutions with products catering to MDR gram negative and gram positive infections including superbugs like A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae and MRSA, Another challenge took over by R&D team is development of targeted nano chemotherapeutics for resistance caused by either pathogens and anticancer drugs. The in vivo fate of these nano medicines is now being tested at our GLP accredited laboratory for safety and efficacy and clinical trials will follow soon. Another key focus area of research is Cancer diagnostic and therapeutic. VMRC has successfully developed target-based drug delivery for cancer drugs and designed a platform technology with a novel concept of triple conjugate i.e., Drug-Protein- Polymer-Conjugate (DPPC). Based on specificity of the target organ, tissue and cellular level of neoplasia, various components of DPPC can be rationally selected and formulated using green chemistry approach. Another key mile stone achieved is successful completion of Phase III clinical trial of a cancer detection technology for the first time. The critical step in cancer management is timely and accurate detection. In an extension of services dedicated to defence of our country, we have developed anti hemostatic products for severe traumatic bleeding including war injuries, surgical operations. Our proprietary “super porous inter penetrating polymer complex technology” based on biodegradable and biocompatible hydrogels stop the severe bleeding within less than a minute which is crucial in saving life. It prolongs the “golden period” thereby increases the chances of survival after traumatic injury. These technologies based innovations are under strong Intellectual Property Protection.