Letter to Editor

Ebony Andrews*
Department of Pharmacy Practice, Hampton University School of Pharmacy, USA

*Corresponding author: Ebony Andrews, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Hampton University School of Pharmacy, USA

Published: 16 Feb, 2017
Cite this article as: Andrews E. Letter to Editor. Ann Pharmacol Pharm. 2017; 2(4): 1025.

Letter to Editor

I am writing in response to a request to submit a manuscript for the Inaugural issue of the Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.  After careful review of the aim and scope of the journal, I would like to share my area of research interest before submitting a full manuscript.  Research shows that Medicare recipients tend to be among the majority of hospital readmissions secondary to chronic diseases.  More importantly, the causes of readmission are typically due to factors that could be prevented or controlled with proper medication management.  Pharmacists training have evolved from dispensing and compounding to drug disease management activities that include clinical patient assessment, development of care plans, drug therapy initiation, therapeutic monitoring and follow up.   In 2013, Hampton University School of Pharmacy (HUSOP) partnered with Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia to pilot the Hampton Roads Care Transitions Project (HRCTP) [1].  To date, the project has reduced readmission rates by 30%.  It is my hope that this journal will publish our project research, “School of Pharmacy Impact on Hospital Re-Admission Rates of Older Adultsand projects like it that focus on the impact and cost-benefit of pharmacist-led drug disease management services.
Foot note
The author reports no competing interests.  The manuscript has not been published or is not under consideration for publication with any other journal.


  1. Anderson F. Improving the Healthcare of Older Adults with Chronic Conditions. Virginia Center for Health Innovation. 2015.