Vol 2-Issue 4

Review Article

An Updates on the Sepsis Causing Multiple Organ Dysfunctions

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer and immune suppressive agent initiate sepsis, following chronic situation change in to septic shock.

Published 16 Feb, 2017

Short Communication

Clinical Assessment of Drugs used in Nephrotic Syndrome

Kidney plays a number of insubstantial tasks, particularly when it clears unwanted substances (toxins) from living body [1].

Published 16 Feb, 2017

Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor

I am writing in response to a request to submit a manuscript for the Inaugural issue of the Annals of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.

Published 16 Feb, 2017


Common Ground” on E-Cigarettes: Perhaps Not

Current debate regarding the potential positive and negative effects of e-cigarettes is widely recognised to elucidate “controversy” [1].

Published 14 Feb, 2017

Short Communication

Therapeutic Implications of Cancer-Specific Clocks

The proper functionality of our cells requires a temporal orchestration of many physiological processes.

Published 14 Feb, 2017


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