Vol 2-Issue 20

Research Article

Intraepidermal Injections of Autologous Epidermal Cell Suspension: A New Promising Approach to Dermatological Disorders. Preliminary Study

Regenerative medicine is a modern approach of dermatological treatment, using Epidermal Cells of the interfollicular epidermis (ESC) for their effect in skin regeneration in chronic ulcers and burns, melanoma, vitiligo, junctional epidermolysisbullosa.

Published 07 Nov, 2017

Short Communication

Herbal Compounds as Potential Anticancer Therapeutics: Current

Cancer is a dreadful disease whose pathological roots lie deep inside the molecular pathways governing different biochemical process.

Published 17 Nov, 2017

Review Article

Botanicals for Treatment of Babesiosis and Theileriosis

Problems of toxicity, resistance and residues of existing drugs necessitate development of newer drugs against parasitic diseases.

Published 15 Nov, 2017

Review Article

Controlled-Release Preparation Containing Meglitinide for Treatment of Type-II Diabetes Mellitus

Meglitinidespromotepancreas insulin secretion, and have a short half-life in plasma; they are often termed "short-acting-type insulin secretagogues”.

Published 07 Nov, 2017

Short Communication

Ebisilc® Organosilicate Particles for Innovative Galenic Formulation

Clays, mineral clays and more interestingly organoclays [1] have been extensively described as complexation agents for drugs and bioorganic compounds.

Published 06 Nov, 2017


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