Vol 2-Issue 18

Research Article

GC-Mass Based Evidences of Rich Foliar Antioxidant Potential of A Seed Amaranth Amaranthus Hypochondriacus L, Accession No. IC47434)

The present study explores the antioxidant potential of the leaf tissue of a promising accession of a seed amaranth, Amaranthus hypochondriacus (Accession no. IC47434).

Published 22 Aug, 2017

Research Article

Evaluation of the Wound Healing Properties of Jasminum Mesnyi H in Diabetic Rats

Jasminum mesnyi H is a well known plant in the traditional medicine.

Published 20 Sep, 2017

Review Article

A Brief Review on Cancer Stem Cells

More than a decade ago, the existence of a rare population with both stem cell-like properties and tumor initiating capability was first identified in acute myeloid leukemia and, subsequently, in several solid tumors.

Published 07 Sep, 2017

Short Communication

Bioavailability and Functions of Lipophilic Components of Food

Although carotenoids are typical lipophilic components contained in foods and have various functions, their bioavailability is low.

Published 08 Sep, 2017

Review Article

Fluidized Hot Melt Granulation: Promising Technique for Dissolution Enhancement

Fluidized Hot-melt granulation is an agglomeration process; granules are obtained by melting binders that are heated to near or above their melting point.

Published 08 Sep, 2017


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