Vol 2-Issue 16

Short Communication

Systems Biomedicine Acts as a Driver for the Evolution of Pharmacology

Pharmacology has evolved over the years. Describing the explicit effects of biologically active chemicals originally, this scientific discipline now explores the biological effects of drugs at the molecular level.

Published 05 Sep, 2017

Review Article

Synergistic Antioxidant Activity of Natural Products

The mixture of bioactive constituents and their byproducts contained in plant extracts and various natural products produce synergistic effects.

Published 01 Sep, 2017

Short Communication

Quercetin, a Natural Dietary Flavonoid Inhibits, Reverses, Retards Tumorigenesis in Prostate and Breast Cancer

Epidemiological and dietary intervention studies in animals and humans have suggested that bioflavonoids such as quercetin plays a beneficial role in inhibiting, reversing or retarding tumorigenesis in prostate and breast cancer.

Published 01 Sep, 2017

Letter to Editor

Integrated Health Care Services for Schizophrenic Patients in India: Need of the Hour

A US author compiled a report on the reasons on the alarming trend of increased deaths due to coronary heart disease (CHD), as well as their implications for patients with schizophrenia indicating that the leading causes of premature death in patients with schizophrenia are suicide (10-fold increase e.g. ≈10% vs. 1%) and CHD (2-fold increase e.g. ≈66% vs. 33%) compared to general population.

Published 28 Aug, 2017

Short Communication

Taxifolin: A Wonder Molecule in Making Multiple Drug Targets

Taxifolin (often referred to as dihydroquercetin) is a flavanonol which is a part of the phytonutrient family (a set of chemical materials that occur evidently in flora and have more than one fitness benefits however aren't taken into consideration vital to human fitness).

Published 22 Aug, 2017


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