Vol 2-Issue 11

Case Report

Ofloxacin Induced Visual Hallucinations in Pediatric Patient

Drug induced psychosis is a well known adverse drug effect; however fluoroquinolones are amongst the lesser recognized causes of neuropsychiatric manifestation.

Published 04 Jun, 2017

Review Article

Where Traditional Drug Discovery Meets Modern Technology in the Quest for New Drugs

Identifying novel compounds or improving bioavailability of drugs requires extensive screening, in vitro and in vivo testing and subsequent commercialisation.

Published 04 Jun, 2017

Mini Review

Nanovehcles are Sustained System to Compact with Active Natural ‘Payloads’ for Effective Cancer Treatment

Cancer continues to be one of the prime human threat diseases now a days, causes six million deaths around the world every year (WHO), the existing chemotherapeutic drugs such as doxorubicin, daunorubicin, bleomycin and cisplatin are inadequate and having adverse side effects with multiple drug resistance (MDR).

Published 03 Jun, 2017

Short Communication

Ketamine for the Management of Acute Pain and Agitation in the ICU: Future, Fiction or Just another Drug-Induced Hallucination?

Acute pain management is an important consideration in trauma and surgery patients. Inadequate management results in increased in-hospital complications, as well as increased risk of chronic pain and a diminished quality of life [1,2].

Published 01 Jun, 2017

Review Article

Evaluation of Acute Oral Toxicity of Potential Thermophillic Bacterial Consortia (TERIK) for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Microbial enhanced oil recovery is an ecofriendly approach used to enhance the recovery of oil. In this investigation, formation water was collected from the oil wells of Gujarat.

Published 01 Jun, 2017


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