Vol 2-Issue 1

Research Article

Protective Effect of Ferulic Acid Alone and in Combination with Ascorbic Acid on Aniline Induced Spleen Toxicity

The present study was design to evaluate the protective effects of ferulic acid and ascorbic acid on aniline induced spleen toxicity in rats.

Published 19 Jan, 2017

Research Article

In Vivo Approaches to Investigate the Immune Response of Plant-Based Anti Tumour Drug, Elephantopus Scaber L

Inspired by our earlier research reports towards the ability of E. scaber and its phytochemical constituents in regimens for inhibiting tumours with extensive proliferative potencies, the active fraction of E. scaber (ES) was chosen in the present study for investigating its immuno modulatory activity, anti tumour activity and toxicity, in in vivo animal models.

Published 17 Jan, 2017

Review Article

How to Overcome Biologic Barriers for the Therapy of Neuroblastoma: The Tumor Vascular Targeted Approach

Neuroblastoma is a rare pediatric cancer characterized by a wide clinical behavior and adverse outcome despite aggressive therapies.

Published 06 Jan, 2017


Is HPAPI also a Low PDE?

Potency is determined by the dose of the drug required to produce an effect. A highly potent drug (e.g., fentanyl, estrogen, calcitriol) evokes a desires pharmacological response in target population of patients at low concentrations.

Published 06 Jan, 2017

Review Article

Effects of Thyme Essential Oil Chemotypes on Breast and Cervical Cancer Cell Lineages

Purpose: Breast cancer affects 122.2 women per 100,000, while cervical cancer effects 7.4 per 100,000 women in the USA.

Published 05 Jan, 2017


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