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Case Report

Benign Subcutaneous Emphysema Following Knee Arthroscopy: Report and Review of the Literature

Objective: Describe patients developing subcutaneous edema after knee arthroscopy.

Published 21 Dec, 2017

Short Communication

Do’s and Don’ts for Ischaemic Toes in Diabetic Patients

Ischaemic toes in Diabetic patients result from deficient blood supply, often enhanced by hypoesthesia which leads to unaware pressure damage.

Published 27 Apr, 2017

Case Report

Necessity of Preoperatıve Embolizatıon in a Case of Renal Cell Carcınoma with Bone Metastasis for Whom Megaprosthesıs is Applied

Because bone metastases lead to pain, reduced mobility and pathological fractures, they have a risk of morbidity and mortality.

Published 20 Apr, 2017

Review Article

Indications and Results of Condylar Constrained Implant in Primary Total Knee Replacement

Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is nowadays a successful and valid procedure to restore proper function and give pain relief in patients with severe Knee osteoarthritis.

Published 14 Apr, 2017

Research Article

Single-Stage Anterior Debridement, Autogenous Bone Grafting and Anterior or Posterior Instrumentation for Spinal Tuberculosis

The goal of this study was to discuss the indications for anterior or posterior instrumentation following radical debridement and autogenous bone grafting in patients with spinal tuberculosis over a 4-year period (2011–2015).

Published 08 Apr, 2017

Research Article

Clinical Curative Effect of the Combined Use of Cortical Bone Trajectory Screws and Pedicle Screws for Internal Fixation in the Treatment of Senile Osteoporosis and Lumbar Degenerative Diseases

Objective: This study aims to explore the clinical curative effect of internal fixation and bone graft using cortical bone trajectory screws (CBT) combined with pedicle screws (PS) to decompress the lumbar posterior during the treatment of osteoporosis and lumbar degenerative diseases.

Published 29 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Specific Developmental Profiles and Some Aspect of Accuracy of Acpa/Anti Citrullinated Protein Peptide Antibody Assay, Rheumathoid Factor as Yeast Overgrowth in overall Developing Output Solution in Patients with Arthropatia Psoriatica Sine Psoriasis. Vulgaris

Aims: To compare the values and acuracy of the test in anticyclic citrullinated peptides (Anti-CCP /ACPA) antibodies, Rheumatoid factor (RF), C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and disease activity index (PASI) in early diagnosis of untreated Psoriatic arthritis(PsA).

Published 08 Feb, 2017

Case Report

The Influence of Posteriorosteotomy on Spinopelvic Parameters Indegenerative Lumbar Kyphosis Patients

Objective: To investigate theinfluence of posterior osteotomy on spinopelvic parameters in degenerative lumbar kyphosis (DLK) patients.

Published 30 Nov, 2016


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