Reflections and Thoughts on the European Nursing Scene: 2018 and Beyond

November seems to be a timely month to reflect on Nursing. My work is mainly rooted within Europe and therefore I am limiting myself to this part of the world for this observational piece of writing.

Published 08 Jan, 2019

Review Article

Nursing Competency with Vascular Access Care among Hemodialysis Patients in Arab World: A Narrative Review

Objectives: To review studies published of Arab World concerning vascular access care by nursing stuff among hemodialysis patients.

Published 08 Jan, 2019

Research Article

Perceived Stress Levels of Physicians and Other Health Personnel Working in the 112 Emergency Service and Associated Factors

Objectives: This study determined the level of stress perceived and experienced by physicians and other health personnel working at the 112 emergency service and the factors that caused this stress.

Published 20 Sep, 2018


Digitization of Health will benefit the Nursing Profession

After having worked in the healthcare sector for nearly 45 years, I can honestly say that the best time for nurses is now.

Published 08 Aug, 2018

Short Communication

Urinary Catheterization Procedure-an Observational Study

Background: Urinary tract infections are the most common hospital infection, accounting for up to 40% of infections reported by health care institutions.

Published 13 Jul, 2018


Sleep in Nursing Practitioners as a Risk Factor to Patient Safety

It is projected that annually close to 1.5 million medical errors occur that between 48,000 and 98,000 of them result in mortality of patients [1].

Published 09 Jul, 2018

Short Communication

Can an ‘Unusual’ Model of Nursing Uniform Facilitate the Contact between Health Professionals and Sick Children?

Background: The nursing uniform model has constantly changed and nowadays it represents a distinctive sign that characterizes the nurse’s professional identity and recognition.

Published 18 Jun, 2018


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