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Journal of Hematology & Multiple Myeloma

is an open access, online, peer reviewed, international journal. By its name the journal covers two different topics of research where, hematology focus on blood related diseases and Multiple Myeloma on the cancer of Plasma cells. The Journal also enlighten the on the severity of disease, by focusing on its epidemiology, etiology and its treatments which are related with hematology and myeloma. It includes medication, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, radiation or a stem-cell transplant and treatment side effect.
The Journal also publishes thematic issues on current and emergency topics within the scope of journal where expertise researchers can share their knowledge by writing on a particular topics of highest importance for forthcoming research. Remedy Publications aimed to give a platform for the clinicians, Researchers, academicians, scholar’s students for their work to reach to every reader globally and readers can read articles without subscribing. It aims to promote information in the area of Hematology & Multiple Myeloma and related sciences and enhance the exchange of scientific literature among researcher.


Remedy Publications is an online publication house and acts as source and provide the best platform to eminent researchers, and other expertise to bring awareness about their research work globally who support the journal by publishing their quality research and scientific articles on blood related disorders and its management. Double blinded peer review process is carried out by the journal to restore the quality of articles. Our target is to publish the latest update, innovations and substantial article to our journal with a rapid review process. We accept all types of manuscripts that includes original articles, review articles, Case reports from patients, Clinical images, Editorial, Perspectives, Commentary and Surgical techniques.

  Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  B-Cell Lymphoma
  Hairy Cell Leukemia
  Multiple Myeloma
  Anticoagulant Drugs
  Blood Cells
  Blood Proteins
  Blood Clots
  Bleeding Disorders
 Blood Transfusion
  Blood Disorders
  Blood Films
  Myeloproliferative Disorders
  Hematological Malignancies
  Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Editorial Board


Caitlin Costello

University of California, USA


Richard Jones, PhD

The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA


Jan S. Moreb, MD

University of Florida, USA


Michael Kahn, PhD

University of Southern California, USA

New submissions

The Document needs to be prepared in English language. The documents containing the manuscript should be a single Word or LaTeX file Any Figures or Tables related to the manuscript need to be attached along with the file. Documents containing the manuscript will be converted to PDF format.

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Journal of Hematology & Multiple Myeloma consider publishing of original research manuscripts, review manuscripts, case reports, clinical images, editorials, commentaries, opinion pieces, case studies, letters, and perspectives. For initial submission, we recommend authors to submit a single file (.doc) that contains the manuscript text, figures, tables and other supporting information. Submit manuscript as an email attachment to submission@remedypulications.com

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