Int J Intern Emerg Med | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Analyzing the Spread of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia and Controlling Disease Strategies

Malek Jdaitawi1*, Laith Jdaitawi2 and Rawan Alkurdi3

1Department of Self Development, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
2United Nation, Jordan
3Ministry of Health in Jordan, Jordan

*Correspondance to: Malek Jdaitawi 

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Background: A novel COVID-19 has been recently identified as the severe acute respiratory illness COVID-19 which has accounted for more than 300,000 infected people worldwide. However, the world health organization WHO announced that the disease represents a serious issue to worldwide public health. Aim: The study aims at reviewing and discussing current knowledge on COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia including diagnosis, causes, and methods of controlling coronavirus disease. Method and design: Pooled design is adopted, and 562 confirmed COVID-19 cases are included in the analysis reported between March 2nd, 2020 to March 23rd, 2020. Results: The result showed that the majority of the identified cases resulted from contact tracing and returning from different countries. The study provides additional evidence for an effective method used by the Saudi Arabia Health Ministry (MOH) to help patients recover from COVID-19. Conclusion: COVID-19 evidence to show several signs and symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and respiratory syndrome. However, several methods used in the health sector in order to monitor and control the disease.




Jdaitawi M, Jdaitawi L, Alkurdi R. Analyzing the Spread of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia and Controlling Disease Strategies. Int J Intern Emerg Med. 2020;3(1):1028.

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