Case Report

Clinical Results of Lipopolysaccharide Filter Use in Sepsis Developed After Liver Transplantation: Report of Two Cases

Background and Case Presentation: Sepsis remains as a preventabl cause of mortality in ICU inpatients. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is the endotoxin, a structural component of the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria.

Published 08 Mar, 2019

Research Article

Determination of Risk Factors for Hepatitis C by the Method of Random Forest

The data mining method of Random Forest is used on a dataset collected in a study of HIV infected patients in Lucknow, India for determination of risk factors for the Hepatitis C virus.

Published 08 Mar, 2019

Case Report

Community-Acquired Pneumonia due to Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup B

Neisseria meningitidis can cause a wide variety of disease, the most common being meningococcal meningitis and meningococcemia syndromes; however, other presentations include epiglottitis, otitis media, pericarditis, septic arthritis, urethritis, conjunctivitis and rarely, community-acquired pneumonia.

Published 07 Feb, 2019

Review Article

Evolution of Legionella Control in France 1998-2018

Due to mediatic breaks occured in France at the end of the 90’s, a national proactive strategy for the control of Legionella both in the cooling towers and hot water distribution networks in public buildings has been defined.

Published 21 Dec, 2018

Case Report

Rash in an Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant

Primary cutaneous aspergillosis (PCA) is one of several invasive fungal infections that have increased in incidence in the last four decades.

Published 28 Nov, 2018

Research Article

The Multi-Epidemics in Yemen: the Ugly Face of the War

Background: The current war in Yemen resulting a world's worst humanitarian crisis, the conflict has resulted in over 10,000 deaths and two million people displaced.

Published 10 Oct, 2018

Short Communication

Human Coronavirus NL63 and Acute Encephalitis

An active, working 70-years-old woman was admitted in December with cough, low-grade fever and altered behavior over one week during which she stopped eating and speaking and became poorly responsive.

Published 24 Aug, 2018


Epidemiological and Molecular Analysis of Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus in Shanghai, China, 2013-2017

Shanghai located in the East Asia/Australian migratory flyway has several coastal wetlands and the significant congregation sites of migratory birds, increasing the risk of the emergence of novel influenza viruses because the migratory shorebird is a natural reservoir for avian influenza virus. Since the human infections with a novel avian influenza virus (H7N9) were first reported in Shanghai province in March 2013, there have been six seasonal epidemics observed in China [1-10].

Published 08 Aug, 2018


Epidemiological Characteristics of Leishmaniasis

A protozoan of the genus Leishmania spp., intracellular parasites of the reticuloendothelial system of mammals, with more than 20 different species causes leishmaniasis by means of the bite of female hematophagous dipterous insects.

Published 17 Apr, 2018

Research Article

HIV Prevention on HBCU Campuses

Howard University College of Medicine, with funding from Gilead Sciences, launched the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HBCU-HIV) Prevention Project (H2P) to address HIV prevention on the campuses of HBCUs.

Published 04 Apr, 2018

Research Article

Methicillin- and Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus on Computer Keyboards Located in Different Wards of a Third-Level Hospital in Tehran, Iran

Introduction: Nosocomial infections are one of the health problems in all societies.

Published 27 Mar, 2018

Research Article

Professional Nurses’ Perceptions of Gender Inclusiveness of HIV Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission Programme in Kwazulu-Natal

A qualitative, descriptive, explorative study was conducted via in depth individual participants’ interview until data saturation.

Published 19 Mar, 2018

Case Report

Cerebral Toxoplasmosis in an HIV Negative Patient: The First Documented Case Report in Africa and Literature Review

Background: Cerebral toxoplasmosis in HIV negative persons is extremely rare.

Published 19 Feb, 2018

Review Article

Point-of-care (POC) Tests for Infectious Diseases– The Next Generation!

Nucleic acid amplification tests (NATs) have become the cornerstone of clinical laboratories providing a same day diagnosis for a wide range of infections.

Published 31 Jan, 2018

Research Article

Serological Survey of Antibodies to Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida in Camelids from Argentina

South American camelids are a source of livestock wealth in Andean countries.

Published 04 Dec, 2017

Research Article

Commuter Pathways and Epidemic Disease: A Brief Report

This brief report describes the potential utility of federally collected, commuter survey data to an understanding of disease propagation at varying scales.

Published 15 Nov, 2017

Research Article

Arbovirus Discovery in Central African Republic (1973-1993): Zika, Bozo, Bouboui, and More

The progressive research on yellow fever and the subsequent emergence of the field of arbovirology in the 1950s gave rise to the continued development of a global arbovirus surveillance network with a specific focus on human pathogenic arboviruses of the tropical zone.

Published 13 Nov, 2017

Research Article

Can the Assessment of Malaria Severity be Simplified for Non-immune African Children?

Background: Whether there are alternative indicators than WHO criteria to assess malaria severity and outcome is not addressed in non-immune children.

Published 09 Nov, 2017


Parasitic Diarrhea in Cuban Patients

Diarrhea continues to be a major contributing factor to morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Published 25 Jul, 2017

Review Article

Partnering with the Community to Craft Locally Appropriate, Culturally Competent Responses to Health Problems While Building the Community’s Capacity to Lead and Sustain the Identified Solutions

Howard University College of Medicine, with funding from the Norflet Progress Fund launched “Project Resilience”.

Published 13 Jul, 2017


Antimicrobial Resistance: Role of Medicinal Plants in Tackling Future Health Crisis

In 2014, Lord Jim O’Neill and his group appointed by the United Kingdom government published a review on antimicrobial resistance issue and estimated that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) could cause 10 million deaths a year by 2050 [1].

Published 13 Jun, 2017

Case Report

Cranial Fasciitis of Childhood with Underlying Solid Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Temporal Bone

Cranial fasciitis is a rare variant of pseudosarcomatous fibroblastic/myofibroblastic proliferation, seen almost exclusively in children.

Published 06 Jun, 2017

Case Report

Encephalitis Caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, Successfully Treated with Acyclovir: Case Report

Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is one of the most devastating infections of central nervous system (CNS), associated with high mortality and severe neurologic sequels among survivors.

Published 26 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Assessing the Management of Urinary Tract Infections at a Large, Urban Teaching Hospital

Purpose: Despite availability of consensus guidelines for management of urinary tract infections, variability in both diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections has been noted in the literature.

Published 16 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Hepatitis C Incidence and Spontaneous Viral Clearance in a Cohort of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis B Virus Negative Drug Users

Estimating HCV incidence and viral clearance in other than young, White, injection drug users (IDUs), negative for HBV and HIV has not been undertaken.

Published 02 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Polymyxin B Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Infections

Background: Recent studies suggest a mortality benefit in patients with carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP) who received combination therapy with more than one active in vitro agent.

Published 02 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Root Causes of Poor Immunisation Data Quality and Proven Interventions: A Systematic Literature Review

Introduction: Effective allocation of resources and investments heavily rely on good quality data.

Published 27 Feb, 2017


G Protein Coupled Receptors-Mediated Chemotaxis in the Model Organism Dictyostelium Discoideum and Neutrophils

Chemotaxis, a directional cell migration guided by extracellular chemoattractant gradients, plays critical roles in many physiological processes, recruitment of neutrophils to sites of inflammation, metastasis of cancer cells, and development of model organism Dictyostelium discoideum [1-4].

Published 23 Feb, 2017

Research Article

Characterization of MRSA Isolated from Companion Animals, Healthcare Providers and Environmental Surfaces of a Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Purpose: Hospital-acquired (HA)-MRSA has been reported to be associated with small animal personnel as well as companion animals.

Published 20 Feb, 2017

Research Article

Prevention of Club Drug use at LGBT Community Health Centers: What Socio-Cognitive Factors Predict the Intention and Whether the Prevention Education Work

Background and Objectives: Currently the human immunodeficiency infection occurred mostly among young gay and bisexual men in Taiwan, and club drug use might be a factor related to their vulnerability.

Published 20 Feb, 2017

Review Article

The Basic Knowledge of Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Molecular Genetic Testing

VZV is unique among the herpes viruses in its transmission by inhalation of aerosolized virus particles.

Published 02 Feb, 2017

Case Report

Non-Toxic Skin Formulation Promotes Healing of Dermatitis and Skin Injuries that are Prone to Infection in Long-Term Care Facility Residents

Elderly patients in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) often exhibit skin disorders caused by multiple factors, including aging skin and co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, dementia, and urinary and fecal incontinence.

Published 25 Nov, 2016

Research Article

Age as Prognostic Factor in Leptospirosis

Purpose: To assess the age as prognostic criterion for severity and mortality in leptospirosis.

Published 05 Nov, 2016

Review Article

Parasitic Encephalitis Caused by Plasmodium Falciparum, Trypanosoma Brucei and Toxoplasma Gondii

Various pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and parasites can cause encephalitis. Three human neuropathogenic parasitic protozoa namely Plasmodium falciparum, Trypanosoma brucei, and Toxoplasma gondii, which have been found to have different complex and yet intriguing mechanisms of infection.

Published 31 Oct, 2016

Case Report

Facial Herpes Zoster Accompanied by Herpes Zoster Conjunctivitis Caused by Dolosigranulum Pigrum

Dolosigranulum pigrum is considered as an emerging opportunistic pathogen. It was isolated from a patient with facial herpes zoster accompanied by herpes zoster conjunctivitis and identified by 16S rRNA DNA sequence analysis.

Published 31 Oct, 2016

Research Article

Analysis of Infection Prevention and Control Activities in Jeddah’s Ministry of Health Hospitals in Saudi Arabia: A Three-Year Project

Background: The objective of this study was to analyse the infection prevention and control practices in twelve hospitals in Jeddah in order to monitor, assess, and then develop a standardized infection control program that could be implemented in these hospitals aiming for better patient safety.

Published 12 Oct, 2016

Research Article

Inflammatory Markers in Vestibulodynia

Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate the cytokines secretion in patients with vestibulodynia which affects up to 16% of U.S. women. Our main goal was to find out which cytokines may serve as biological markers of this debilitating condition.

Published 16 Sep, 2016

Research Article

Differentiation of BMDC with Cpg And-Gm-CSF, BT not Cpg and Flt3L, Imprints CCR9 Expression on Co-Cultured T Cells

Dendritic cells pulsed with Burkholderia pseudomallei were used to activate naive T-cells in vitro. Murine bone-marrow- derived dendritic cells (BMDC), cultured with CpG and GM-CSF or CpG and Flt3L ex vivo, were pulsed with killed B. pseudomallei or the Burkholderia protein Lolc, and cocultured with naïve T-cells.

Published 12 Sep, 2016


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