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Infections with Human Papillomavirus: Are Intralesional Therapies a Promising Approach?

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a specific DNA virus that infects mammalian epithelial cells causing benign warts or verrucae on the skin.

Published 02 Apr, 2018

Research Article

Is there any Association of NOD2/CARD15 Gene Polymorphism with Tunisian Pemphigus Foliaceus?

Background: Knowledge about the pathogenesis of Pemphigus Foliaceus (PF), an autoimmune disorder of the skin natural barrier, is still modest.

Published 30 Mar, 2018


An Overview of Peripheral Nerve Xenotransplantation – Present Status and Future Directions

Segmental defects in peripheral nerves that cannot be sutured directly require the use of nerve grafts.

Published 01 Nov, 2017

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Giant Cells Tumors of the Hand: About 50 Cases

Introduction: The giant cells tumors (GCT) of the hand are common benign tumors that pose a recurrence problem.

Published 12 Oct, 2017

Case Report

Gender Dermatoses: The Role of Sex Hormones in Skin Diseases

The skin is the largest organ in the body constituting 15% of the total body weight. It is therefore paramount to address skin diseases.

Published 06 Sep, 2017

Case Report

A Small Canine Ate a Human’s Eyelid

An elderly woman had been bedridden for several years, and was neither able to move her limbs or speak.

Published 28 Aug, 2017

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Microneedling: A Primer for Dermatologists

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that is becoming widely utilized in dermatology. Microneedles (MNs) are fine, needle-like structures that penetrate the skin.

Published 21 Aug, 2017

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Chemical Peels: What to Treat and Expect?

The cutaneous ageing process whether skin laxity, facial wrinkles, ageing pigmantory spots is a continuous process which is invariably difficult to stop, despite the recent advances in science and medicine.

Published 07 Jul, 2017

Review Article

Lower Limb Ulcers in Diabetic Patients: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms

The disease diabetes depictures a heterogeneous group of metabolic disorders that arise as a result of hyperglycemia due to the deficit of secretion and/or insulin action.

Published 13 Jun, 2017


PRP: Is There a Valid Role in Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP has been used mostly for androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata since these are the most common types of hair loss.

Published 30 May, 2017

Research Article

Partial Air Expansion

Background: Tissue expanders are usually inflated with saline. We attempted to mitigate the side effects of the weight of the tissue expanders by replacing some of the saline with air.

Published 30 Apr, 2017

Clinical Image

Giant Sebaceous Nevus of Scalp

A 65-years-old woman presented with a black pigmented lesion in her left scalp. She gave history of trauma in childhood at the age of 10 years following which there was a swelling which increased to the present size.

Published 07 Apr, 2017

Review Article

A Revolution in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery - Moving to Scarless Healing Through the Application of Regenerative Medicine

Non-healing wounds, burns, and scars from surgical incisions and trauma cost approximately 70 billion dollars annually in the US alone.

Published 27 Feb, 2017

Case Report

Hyperpigmentated Scars of the Face Following a Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN): A Case Report

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) is a rare and often fatal muco-cutaneous disease usually related to severe adverse drug reaction.

Published 09 Nov, 2016

Case Report

Spontaneous Resolution of Lipedematous Scalp after 13 Years

Lipedematous scalp and lipedematous alopecia is characterized by the localized accumulation of fatty tissue in the subcutaneous layer of the scalp.

Published 07 Nov, 2016

Case Report

Major Repair for End Stage Pressure Ulcer in a Spinal Cord Injury Patient by Disarticulation and Total Thigh Flap a Case Report

Pressure ulcer formation is the result of unrelieved pressure, tissue shearing, and localized ischemiaover a bony prominence resulting in cell death and tissue necrosis. The incidence of pressure ulcers in the spinal cord injury population is estimated between 25 – 66%.

Published 31 Oct, 2016

Case Report

Liposuctionlimits Secondary Abdominoplasty

The abdomen is among the most frequently requested regions for undergoing liposuction. However, liposuction alone is not always sufficient to address abdominal bulging, and it is likely that patients will require skin removal and muscle tightening by a secondary abdominoplasty.

Published 26 Oct, 2016

Case Report

Punctate Palmoplantar Keratodermas: Case Reports and A Review of the Literature and Terminology

Keratodermas encompass a wide spectrum of disorders of keratinization that may be acquired or hereditary.

Published 23 Sep, 2016

Case Report

Focal Dermal Hypoplasia: A Male Case

A 17-year-old male presented with multiple linear distributed erythema and papules which first appeared since birth.

Published 22 Sep, 2016

Case Report

Onychomycosis of Fingernails Treated with Genesisplus Laser

The advances in laser technology have led to many new devices and uses. Lasers have been used to treat onychomycosis, but this technology is in its infancy.

Published 25 Aug, 2016


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