Vol 3-Issue 5

Review Article

Green Dentistry: A Review

In today’s modern world, it is utmost necessary to understand the importance of being ecofriendly in every aspect of our lives, which also includes dental practice as it has a big impact on the environment and ecosystem due to the large amount of waste produced by various dental procedures along with excessive use of water and electricity, which specifically emphasis the need to move towards ‘Green dentistry’.

Published 31 Jul, 2018

Research Article

Role of Dental Surgery in the Pathogenesis of BRNOJ: An Observational Report of 24 Cases

Background: Most of the patients affected by BRONJ are oncologic patients that frequently assume high doses of bisphosphonate (incidence 1% to 15%), while the incidence in ostenecrosis patients is estimated at 0.001% to 0.01%, due to the lower dose of these drugs.

Published 16 Jul, 2018


Can Optical Coherence Tomography Technique become the 6th Generation of Periodontal Probes?

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is already one of the most important imaging modalities in biophotonics [1], widely used in Ophthalmology, providing optical biopsies with micrometer spatial resolution.

Published 04 Jun, 2018

Clinical Image

Regenerative Endodontic Treatment of Mandibular Immature Premolar

The purpose of pulp treatment for infected immature permanent teeth is to eliminate the infection and also maintain the tooth structure intact in order to preserve optimal function.

Published 04 Jun, 2018


Platelet-Rich Fibrin for Bone Tissue Regeneration

In modern Dentistry, bone loss repair can involve either isolated or associated scaffolds, cells and growth factors [1].

Published 04 Jun, 2018


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