Vol 2-Issue 9


Ergonomics and Dentistry

The dental practice is demanding and time consuming. A dentist’s musculoskeletal health can be affected adversely if appropriate working position is neglected.

Published 08 Aug, 2017

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Nonsurgical Treatment of Mandibular Prognathism in Adults

The Mandibular prognathism is the most typical trait in Class III adults [1] by skeletal and dental Class III malocclusion and/or maxillary deficiency.

Published 08 Aug, 2017

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Intraarticular Injections Experimentally Induced Osteoarthritis in Rat Temporomandibular Joint

This study is to investigate the changes of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) by experimentally induced osteoarthritis (OA) and to compare effectiveness of intraarticular injections.

Published 08 Aug, 2017

Short Communication

A New, Simple and Innovative Technique for Pre-Heating/Pre-Warming of Dental Composite Resins in Thermal Assisted Light Polymerization Technique

A thermal assisted light polymerization method for enhancing the degree of conversion of resin composite and reducing viscosity thus improving marginal adaptation of the restoration is to preheat the composite resin before placement.

Published 10 Jul, 2017

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Prevalence of Tobacco Related Cancers in India

Tobacco related cancers account for major share of all cancers. In India, tobacco consumption is responsible for half of all the cancers in men and a quarter of all cancers in women.

Published 10 Jul, 2017


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