Vol 2-Issue 8

Case Report

Photodynamic Therapy Associated with Surgical Treatment of Severe Peri-Implantitis: 5-Year Follow-Up Clinical Report

Objective: This clinical report describes a case of severe peri-implantitis in the anterior region of the maxilla successfully managed with the association of photodynamic therapy and conventional surgical treatment.

Published 27 Jun, 2017

Surgical Technique

Canal Projection: Restoring the Past, Building the Future

Mutilated teeth that require root canal treatment may present with minimal coronal tooth structure and are a challenge for isolation and restoration.

Published 27 Jun, 2017

Research Article

Results of White Spot Lesion Tratment after Orthodontic Treatmens

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the quantity of enamel loss after microabrasion treatment in different severity of white spot lesions resulting from orthodontic treatment.

Published 27 Jun, 2017

Case Report

The Churro Jumper: A Reliable Substitute for Mid Course Correction during Fixed Functional Therapy – A Case Report

Introduction: This case report deals with the correction of a skeletal and dental class II division 1 malocclusion case.

Published 27 Jun, 2017

Review Article

Orthodontic brackets are cemented either to labial or to lingual tooth surfaces acting as a medium for the delivery of forces applied by the arch wire and auxiliaries on the teeth.

Objectives: Periodontitis is associated with increased in inflammatory markers, especially cytokines and these inflammatory markers in turn have been observed in individuals with various systemic diseases.

Published 22 Jun, 2017


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