Vol 2-Issue 5

Research Article

Is Soap Carving in Dental Anatomy Predictive for Clinical Dental Students’ Performance in Operative Dentistry?

Objectives: Manual skills form only a part of the capabilities required for a future dentist.

Published 10 Mar, 2017

Research Article

Comparing the Retention of Implant-Supported Frameworks Casted from Two Types of Materials: Wax and Acrylic Resin

Purpose: Different procedures and materials have been introduced for fabrication of prostheses.

Published 10 Mar, 2017

Review Article

Are Dental Implants For Ever: Where Do We Stand In 2016?

Oral reconstruction using dental implants has improved the function and quality of life for many patients.

Published 09 Mar, 2017

Mini Review

Surface Coatings of Titanium and Zirconia

Titanium and zirconia are the biomaterials used in medicine and dentistry for restorations and implants.

Published 02 Mar, 2017

Mini Review

Elastogenesis in the Periodontal Tissue Evaluated at Electron-Microscopic Levels

In the elastogenesis in the periodontal tissue, microfibrils in the bundle are linked to one another through delicate filaments found as the deposition of high electron-density.

Published 22 Feb, 2017


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