Vol 2-Issue 20


Evidence based Dentistry: From Research to Clinical Practice

A dental professional is always concerned towards the best care for the patients. In today’s world, the responsibility of evaluating the available evidence before recommending the best management for an oral health problem rests with the treating dentists.

Published 08 Dec, 2017

Clinical Image

Management of Complicated Crown Fracture with Intrusive Luxation of Anterior Tooth

A 40-year-old female with history of road accident one month back reported with fractured tooth.

Published 08 Dec, 2017

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Management of Dental Flourosis by Minimally Invasive Resin Infiltration Technique: A Case Report

Dental fluorosis is a condition of enamel hypomineralization because of the effects of excessive fluoride on ameloblasts during enamel formation [1-3].

Published 18 Nov, 2017


Dental Occlusion

Occlusion is the key element in all kinds of dental rehabilitation. The longevity of a restoration depends on occlusion and loading conditions.

Published 17 Nov, 2017


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