Vol 2-Issue 14

Research Article

Miniscrews as a Modified Palatal Implant

As an alternative to an orthodontic palatal implant this project evaluated two sagittally in the midline of the palate positioned titanium mini-screws as indirect anchorage elements.

Published 18 Sep, 2017

Case Report

EfPain and Erythema Originated from an Unknown Impacted Third Molar in an Elderly Person: A Case Report

A tooth that fails to erupt as expected is “impacted” and can produce mild-to-severe symptoms. Here we report a case of an 81-year-old man who presented to our clinic with a 2-week history of pain without swelling, under his removable total denture, in the right posterior molar region of the mandible.

Published 18 Sep, 2017

Case Report

Management of Hidden Crown Dilaceration and Hypoplasia in Newly Erupted Permanent Incisors- Early Intervention and Prevention

Stage of succedaneous tooth’s development at the time of traumatic injury and/or treatment of carious primary tooth can result in disruption of normal enamel formation and other severe form of injuries to developing tooth bud, resulting in enamel opacities, hypoplasia, dilacerations and even agenesis.

Published 18 Sep, 2017

Case Report

Subcutaneous Emphysema as Unusual Sequelae of Orthodontic Separator Placement: A Case Report

Introduction: Subcutaneous emphysema refers trapped air in tissues beneath the skin that usually occurs on the chest, neck and face.

Published 17 Sep, 2017

Case Report

A Case of Ameloblastoma Recurred 25 Years after Surgery

Ameloblastomas are odontogenic tumors characterized by a high recurrence rate. Here, an Ameloblastoma that recurred 25 years after the initial surgery is reported.

Published 17 Sep, 2017


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