Vol 2-Issue 12


Oral Health and Health Professionals in 21st Century

Oral health care and strategies for prevention of dental and oral diseases have come a long way in the modern era from the time of Dr. G.V. Black, the Father of Modern Dentistry.

Published 07 Sep, 2017

Case Report

Three-Dimensional Surface Model Analysis of Intraoral Maxillary Protraction Combined with Alt-RAMEC: A Case Report

Protraction face-mask (PFM) therapy is the most common approach for early treatment of Class III patients with maxillary deficiency.

Published 07 Sep, 2017

Case Report

Therapy for a Patient with Periodontal Abscess: Case Report

The periodontal abscesses are lokalized purulent infections of periodontal tissue.

Published 31 Aug, 2017

Short Communication

Biological Bone Drilling in Oral Implantology

Background: The insertion of dental implants involves the drilling process. This drilling process should be as conservative as possible to avoid damage the bone.

Published 31 Aug, 2017


Irrational Use of Antibiotics in Dentistry

The mortality rate due to infectious diseases was high ages ago. Millions and millions of lives were saved owing to the discovery of antibiotics.

Published 31 Aug, 2017


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