Vol 2-Issue 11

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Anterıor Esthetıc Restoratıons Usıng Mınımal Invasıve Technıques

As Esthetic/cosmetic dentistry’s popularity increases exponentially, patients (especially womens) have started to visit dentists for more esthetically proportional anterior teeth.

Published 18 Aug, 2017

Research Article

Comparative Analysis of Ultrasonic Apparatus for Removing Cast Post and Cores

This study evaluated the effectiveness of different ultrasound machines for removing metal cast post-and-cores.

Published 17 Aug, 2017

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The Twin Teeth - A Case of Gemination

A 14-year-old medically fit female patient came to our department with a chief complaint of forwardly placed upper teeth.

Published 16 Aug, 2017

Case Report

Conservative Treatment of Dentigerous Cysts: Two Case Reports

The purpose of this case reports are to report two dentigerous cysts and spontenous eruption of teeth after marsupyalization on a 9 and 12 years old boys.

Published 15 Aug, 2017

Research Article

Immediate Implant Supported Full-Arch Restorations Fabricated with an Intraoral Welding Technique in Taiwan Patients with Intact Opposite Dentition-Case Series

Twenty-two implants were placed in four Taiwan patients to support immediate full-arch restorations (one mandible and three maxilla) with intact opposite dentition.

Published 13 Aug, 2017


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