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Journal of Cancer and Cure is an open access, peer-reviewed, comprehensive and scholarly journal dedicated to provide complete information on Cancer, its preventive measures, treatment and their clinical and therapeutic studies. The journal is concerned with the preventive measures, types of cancer treatment, their side effects, Clinical Trials Information for Patients and Caregivers, Cancer drugs, complementary and alternative medicine in cancer care, latest updates in cancer research.


The journal is focused on developing a platform to the scientific community so that researchers, health care professionals; academicians could exchange their contributions and research work. The society could get better, more effective prevention methods to understand the causes which trigger cancer and to diagnose cancer at their early stages. This will helps to determine a patient’s prognosis.

 Cancer Metastasis
  Cancer Cell Biology
  Cancer Epidemiology
  Cancer Biology
  Radiation Oncology
  Cancer Genomics
  Cancer Therapy
  Cancer Biomarkers
  Cancer Informatics
  Clinical Trials
  Anticancer Drugs
  Cancer Stem Cells
  Cancer Immunotherapy
  Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
  Cancer Imaging
  Cancer Pathology
  Cancer Cytology
  Cancer Endocrinology
 Breast Cancer
  Lung Cancer
  Stomach Cancer
  Colorectal Cancer
  Brain Tumors

Editorial Board


Joel S. Greenberger

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA


Keishiro Aoyagi

Kurume University School of Medicine, Japan


Wenxue Ma

University of California, USA


Manijeh Daneshmand

University of Ottawa, USA

New submissions

The Document needs to be prepared in English language. The documents containing the manuscript should be a single Word or LaTeX file Any Figures or Tables related to the manuscript need to be attached along with the file. Documents containing the manuscript will be converted to PDF format.

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Journal of Cancer and Cure consider publishing of original research manuscripts, review manuscripts, case reports, clinical images, editorials, commentaries, opinion pieces, case studies, letters, and perspectives. For initial submission, we recommend authors to submit a single file (.doc) that contains the manuscript text, figures, tables and other supporting information. Submit manuscript as an email attachment to submission@remedypublications.com

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