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Review Article

Publications on ‘Puerperal Psychosis’, 2013-2017

This is a review of 142 works that have appeared in the five years 2013-2017.

Published 07 Dec, 2018

Research Article

Status of Breast and Cervix Cancer in Selected Registries of India

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women in the world. After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer affecting women worldwide.

Published 04 Dec, 2018

Research Article

Research Activity, Skills and Training Needs of Health- Care Professionals Employed in a Leading Medical Centre – A Reflection of its Eroded Professional Autonomy

Research activities, skills and training needs for Health Care Professionals (HCP) is fundamental to advance the current standards of quality in delivering health care services.

Published 03 Dec, 2018


Regression in the Implementation of Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis in Spain Due to the Influence of Religious Views

Recently I examined a three month old girl that after genetic testing was confirmed to carry the same c.4269+1 G>T mutation gen NF1 associated with Neurofibromatosis as her mother [1,2].

Published 26 Dec, 2017

Review Article

Review: The Role of Hyperleptinemia in Chronic Diseases

Leptin is a protein that belongs to the family of cytokines, it’s mainly produced by adipose tissue and its main function is to inform the nervous system about the amount of such tissue present in the organism, it also participates in the regulation of the neuroendocrine function and in the control of food intake; however, this molecule can also act in other tissues because their receptors are present in them.

Published 07 Nov, 2017


Advances in the Treatment of Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Despite advances in therapy, approximately one-third of women with localized breast cancer develop distant metastases [1].

Published 02 Oct, 2017


Death due to Ectopic Pregnancy: How Accurate can be Estimations for Gestational Age?

A 25-year-old female, who was experiencing ovulation disorders, complained about abdominal pain and nausea.

Published 02 Oct, 2017

Research Article

Relationship of Sport Competitive Level on Dietary Intake, Body Composition and Somatotype between Elite and Amateur Female Volleyballers

The aim of this study was to compare the energy, macronutrients and body composition of Elite (EFVPs) and Amateur (AFVPs) Female Volleyballers and to analyze their dietetic-nutritional intakes and habits with those recommended for athletes.

Published 21 Sep, 2017

Research Article

Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief in Labor in the Opinion of Puerperae – A Preliminary Report

Introduction: Labor pain is a physiological phenomenon that accompanies every woman during childbirth.

Published 21 Sep, 2017

Short Communication

Spontaneous Monochorionic Triamniotic Triplet Pregnancy with Good Perinatal Outcome

Here we present a case of spontaneous monochorionic triamniotic triplet pregnancy with good pregnancy outcome.

Published 18 Aug, 2017

Case Report

23-Year-Old with Recurrent Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Case of Catamenial Hyperglycemia

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a medical emergency with somatic and psychological implications in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1).

Published 27 Jul, 2017

Short Communication

Common and Less-Common Complications Associated with Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery in the United States with approximately 300,000 women undergoing the procedure in 2016 [1].

Published 05 Jun, 2017


Evolving the Role of Nursing in the 21st Century: Leading the Team

Florence Nightingale invented the intensive care concept during wartime, in 1854, thus reducing the death rate for injured and sickened soldiers by more than one order of magnitude.

Published 29 May, 2017


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