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Annals of Transplantation Research is an open access, peer-reviewed, comprehensive and scholarly journal devoted to provide complete information on chronic diseases and their clinical, preventive, therapeutic studies. The journal is focused on long term medical conditions which are progressive such as Diabetes, Cancers, Cardiovascular diseases, Cerebrovascular diseases, Mental disorders, Oral diseases, etc.


Annals of Transplantation Research aims to provide an open exchange of information and knowledge integrating academic and clinical perspectives among the researchers, practitioners, academicians and other health care professionals. The journal accepts and publishes original research papers, review articles, case reports, rapid communication and latest developments of scientific data.

  Auto transplantation
  Cardiac Transplant
  Cell Therapy and Islet Transplantation
  Clinical Transplantation
  Endothelial Keratoplasty
  Experimental Transplantation
  Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  HLA and matching techniques
  Organ Preservation
  Organ Trafficking
  Organ Transplantation
  Patient Adherence and Quality of Life
  Prime Reperfusion Therapy
  Regenerative medicine
  Screening and Tissue Matching
  Stem Cell Research for Tissue Regeneration
  Stem Cell Transplantation
  Tissue and Organ Transplantation
  Tissue-Specific Stem Cells
  Translational and Clinical Research
  Transplant Complications and Applications
  Transplant Ethics and Policy
  Transplant Infectious Diseases
  Transplant Rejection
  Corneal Transplantation

Antonio Di Stasi

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


Ivana Dedinská

Comenius University in Martin, London


Maria D’armiento

University of Naples, Italy


Jianhua Rao

Nanjing Medical University, China

New submissions

The Document needs to be prepared in English language. The documents containing the manuscript should be a single Word or LaTeX file Any Figures or Tables related to the manuscript need to be attached along with the file. Documents containing the manuscript will be converted to PDF format.

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Annals of Transplantation Research consider publishing of original research manuscripts, review manuscripts, case reports, clinical images, editorials, commentaries, opinion pieces, case studies, letters, and perspectives. For initial submission, we recommend authors to submit a single file (.doc) that contains the manuscript text, figures, tables and other supporting information. Submit manuscript as an email attachment to submission@remedypublications.com.

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