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Effect of Chair Aerobic Exercises vs. Effect of Core Strengthening Exercises with Education on Primary Dysmenorrheal in Adult Girls-RCT

Patel C, Patel S, Prajapati S, Ladumor 

 Department of Physiotherapy, Shree B.G Patel College of Physiotherapy, Affiliated to Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, India, Tel: 02692-258700.

*Correspondance to: Chaitany Patel 

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Background: Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for pain with menstruation. In Indian female population Prevalence of dysmenorrhea is about 70.2%. There are two types dysmenorrhea of: Primary and secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is common menstrual cramps that are recurrent accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea and typically lasting from 12 h to 72 h. Objective: To compare effectiveness of chair aerobic exercises vs. core strengthening exercises with education on primary dysmenorrhea in adults girls. Materials and Methods: Subjects taken form Shree B.G. Patel College of Physiotherapy, Anand were screened and 100 subjects were divided in two groups i.e. Group A chair Aerobic exercise and Group B core strengthening exercises. Outcomes measures were assessed at baseline and after 8 weeks. Results: Intra group comparison results showed that MOOS questionnaire WaLLID Score and SF-36 scale were significant difference in both the groups (0.0001). Whereas inter group comparison results showed that chair aerobic exercises was statistical significant in reducing MOOS Questionnaire score, WaLlDD Score and SF-36 score. Conclusion: The study concludes that the effect of 8 weeks program of chair aerobic exercises and core strengthening exercise reduce the severity of the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. The present study provide evidence to support to the use of both chair aerobic exercise and core strengthening exercise in reducing symptoms and severity of intensity of dysmenorrhea (MOOS, Questionnaire, WaLLID Score) and quality of life (SF-36) in adult girls. According to our result it has been proven that the chair aerobic exercise is significantly helped in improving the quality of life as well as reducing the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Furthermore, the strengthening exercise has only proven to be effective in reducing the severity of symptoms but has negligible effect on improvement of quality of life.


Patel C, Patel S, Prajapati S, Ladumor S. Effect of Chair Aerobic Exercises vs. Effect of Core Strengthening Exercises with Education on Primary Dysmenorrheal in Adult Girls-RCT. Ann Rehabil Res Pract. 2020; 1(1): 1001. .

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