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Case Report

‘Meshed Enhanced Hammock’ or ‘Tent’: A New Patient Centred Pre-Pectoral One-Stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction Technique for Varying Ptosis

Acellular Dermal Matrices (ADM) have revolutionized direct-to-implant breast reconstruction, particularly in the pre-pectoral approach, with reduced post-operative pain and early hospital discharge, lower analgesic requirements, limited muscle dysfunction and reduction in animation.

Published 24 May, 2019

Case Report

Avulsion Cassava Grating Machine Injury to the Penis: The Need to Stop Child Labor

We present the management of a 12-year old boy who had a degloving cassava grating machine injury to the penis.

Published 07 May, 2019

Research Article

Intra-Venous Drug Users: Challenges for a Plastic Surgery Trauma Service

Background: Intravenous Drug Users (IVDUs) pose significant clinical challenges within hospital medicine.

Published 05 Apr, 2019

Short Communication

Informal Medical Photography: Picture Perfect?

Aim: Photography is increasingly used in healthcare and now forms part of guidelines for managing conditions such as open lower limb fractures.

Published 26 Mar, 2019

Case Report

Gender Reassignment Surgery in a Case of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

Gender reassignment surgery plays an important role in relieving the physical, emotional and psychological, discomfort of individuals with gender dysphoria.

Published 27 Feb, 2019

Research Article

Correction of Pectus Excavatum Anterior Chest Wall Deformity Using Custom Made Silicone Implant

Pectus excavatum is the most common deformity of the chest wall.

Published 17 Jan, 2019

Review Article

Current and Emerging Therapies in Functional Rhinoplasty

Purpose of Review: This article reviews the anatomy and physiology of the nasal valves as well as current and emerging techniques to correct nasal valve collapse.

Published 11 Oct, 2018

Case Report

Palmar Dislocation with Extensor Tendon Interposition and Radial Collateral Ligament Rupture of the Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint: A Case Report

We present a case of irreducible palmar dislocation of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint that has never been described before.

Published 01 Oct, 2018

Case Report

Complex Reconstructive Surgery Following Excision of Multiple Stage IV Pressure Ulcers, and Hip Joint Heterotopic Ossification in the Spinal Cord Injury Patient

The effects of gunshot wound injuries often extend far beyond the immediate trauma resulting in lifelong physical, emotional, and social consequences.

Published 12 Jul, 2018

Research Article

Differential Volumetric Orbital Restoration (DVOR) for Correction of Traumatic Ocular Malposition

Background: Severe orbital factures may lead to ocular malposition in the form of enophthalmos or dystopia not only due to loss of ocular support provided by the orbital floor or incarceration of the extra-ocular muscles but also due interference with the delicate balance between the volume of the intra orbital contents and the total orbital volume.

Published 28 May, 2018

Clinical Video

Combined Lower Lateral Crura Strut with Turn-In Flap for Primary Rhinoplasty

Traditionally, trimming the cephalic portion of the Lower Lateral Crura (LLC) is one of the most frequently performed surgical manoeuvres in primary rhinoplasty.

Published 26 Mar, 2018

Research Article

Learning Styles in Plastic Surgery: A Pilot Study

A learning style is a student’s consistent way of responding to and using stimuli in the context of learning.

Published 05 Mar, 2018

Research Article

Optimization of Laser Doppler Image (LDI) Acquisition for Burn Depth Assessment

Laser Doppler Imaging (LDI) is being increasingly used for assessment of mixed depth or intermediate thickness burns.

Published 05 Mar, 2018


Saline – An Underrated Operative Aide

Normal saline solution (NaCl 0.9%) is ubiquitously available in theatre, and it is often things which we readily have at our disposal we may take for granted or may not derive the maximum benefit from them.

Published 23 Feb, 2018


Alcohol Sclerodhesis: An Innovative Treatment for Chronic Morel-Lavallée Lesions – Reply to Authors

We read the authors’ paper with great interest and commend them on their innovative approach to the management of a complex and chronic issue.

Published 23 Feb, 2018


Learning Styles in Plastic Surgery

A learning style is a student’s consistent way of responding to and using stimuli in the context of learning.

Published 23 Feb, 2018


Heterotopic Ossification in Spinal Cord Injury Patient and the Role of the Plastic Surgeon in Management of this Disease

H.O. has been recognized as a pathological condition which can affect the S.C.I. patient during their life from the time of injury and later on.

Published 21 Feb, 2018

Original Research

Immediate Versus Delayed Breast Reconstruction: A Literature Review and Analysis of Psychosocial Outcomes

Background: Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women and has a lifetime incidence of one in nine.

Published 22 Nov, 2017

Original Research

A New Suture Technıque for Spreader Graft Fixation in Rhinoplasty

The spreader grafts are matchstick shaped longitudinal grafts which placed between the dorsal septum and upper lateral cartilages submucosally.

Published 02 Jan, 2018

Case Report

Giant Lipoma: Case Report

Herein is described a case of giant lipoma on the right side of the trunk in a 56-year-old male patient.

Published 02 Jan, 2018

Research Article

Quality of Life after Plastic and Reconstructive Procedures in the Hip and Anogenital Region

Introduction: Plastic and reconstructive procedures of the pelvis, groin and anogenital regions aim to restore form and function.

Published 02 Jan, 2018

Case Presentation

Reverse Osteomyocutaneous Medial Tibia Flap for Complex Midfoot Reconstruction: Case Report

Introduction: Defects originated from oncologic bone resections can compromise function, especially in weight bearing areas such as the foot, ultimately impairing gait and movement.

Published 07 Sep, 2017

Research Article

An Evaluation of Antibacterial Efficacy of Modified Larssen Solution

The modified Larssen solution has not been studied with all details since the introduction of Antibacterial efficacy of modified Larssen solution.

Published 31 Aug, 2017

Case Presentation

Lipoplasty and Lipolysis: Negative Outcomes and Medicolegal Consequences

Liposuction (blunt suction lipectomy) is now a well-established technique which generally yields gratifying aesthetic results.

Published 20 Jun, 2017

Case Presentation

Merkel Cell Carcinoma of the Eyelids – One Centers Experience

We report three cases of merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) of the eyelids treated at East Tallinn Central Hospital Eye Clinic.

Published 30 May, 2017

Case Presentation

Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: Trauma and Genetics

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is a rare dermal sarcoma which can be misdiagnosed by non-specialists as a keloid, hypertrophic scar, sebaceous cyst or lipoma. It has high local recurrence rates but only metastasizes in 2% to 4% of cases. DFSP presents a challenge for the surgeon, as its delayed diagnosis allows more extensive radial and vertical growth than can be clinically appreciated.

Published 23 May, 2017


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