Physical Activity Its Effects on Health

Physical activity has important effects on the health of people, it should be understood that the lack of this is negatively associated with health effects, increasing morbidity and producing an increased risk of premature death.

Published 28 Sep, 2018

Short Communication

Psychoemotional Reactions to the Action of Light Pulses

The article presents experimental data on the stimulation of the human visual analyzer by light pulses of red, green and blue at the frequencies of the brain alpha rhythm.

Published 17 Sep, 2018

Research Article

Evaluation of the Quality of Life for Parents and Caregivers of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Local Community

The quality of life is an important component in the development of target interventions related to the inclusion of families in the wider social community.

Published 25 May, 2018

Research Article

Experiences of Parents/Caregivers of Children with Congenital Talipes Equinovarus: A Qualitative Study

Aim: Disability in childhood remains a challenge globally. Linked to this disability is an apparent increase in the prevalence of infants born with congenital clubfoot.

Published 25 May, 2018

Research Article

Assessment of Physical Activity Level in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - Users of Habilitation Programs

Beside health benefits, the impact of physical activity on individuals with intellectual disabilities is evident in all the spheres of life, such as psychological, social and cognitive development.

Published 18 May, 2018

Case Report

Effects of the PNF Technique on Increasing Functional Activities in Patients after an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report

Introduction: Clinical features of spinal cord injury are described as part of neurological syndromes of commotion, complete and incomplete lesions.

Published 23 Apr, 2018

Research Article

Influence of Various Factors on the Incentive Spirometry Values in Patients Undergoing Thoracotomy

Background: Pulmonary complications are the most frequently occurring complications following cardiac surgeries.

Published 22 Mar, 2018

Review Article

Fibromyalgia as a Soft Tissue Rheumatism

Muscle, tendon, skin, subcutaneous tissue, ligament, fascia, bursa, synovial membrane, nerve, venn, arteriacan be held as soft tissues by rheumatologic disease.

Published 22 Feb, 2018

Review Article

Deceleration of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy and Disability in Aging Population: Effect of Exercise

Exercise is a effective measure for the prevention and management of different muscle injuries, diseases and atrophy in elderly.

Published 07 Mar, 2018


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