Ann Pharmacol Pharm | Volume 5, Issue 4 | Review Article | Open Access

Cyclophilin A Inhibitor: Potential Therapeutics for the Treatment of COVID-19

Chenglong Liu1 and Di Zhu1,2*

1Department of Pharmacology, Fudan University, China
2Department of Pharmacology, Fudan Affiliated Pudong Hospital, China

*Correspondance to: Di Zhu 

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In December 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) occurred and spread rapidly throughout the world. There were other severe coronavirus outbreaks worldwide, namely severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV) and MERS-CoV. Because the genetic diversity of coronavirus complicates the design of vaccines, broad-spectrum anti-coronavirus drugs have become an important approach to control the coronavirus epidemic. Cyclophilin A is an important protein needed for coronavirus replication and its inhibitor cyclosporine has the ability to suppress coronavirus on a broad spectrum. However, cyclosporine has an immunosuppressant function, so the conditions for its use as an antiviral drug are limited. As a result, cyclosporine A analogues without immunosuppressive side effects have attracted lots of interest. This review primarily discusses the drug development prospects of Cyclophilin A as a drug target for the treatment of coronavirus infection, especially (Coronavirus disease 2019) COVID-19, and nonimmunosuppressive cyclosporine analogues.


Cyclophilin A; Cyclosporine A; COVID-2019; SARS-CoV2


Liu C, Zhu D. Cyclophilin A Inhibitor: Potential Therapeutics for the Treatment of COVID-19. Ann Pharmacol Pharm. 2020;5(4):1189.

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