Ann Pharmacol Pharm | Volume 3, Issue 4 | Review Article | Open Access

Living Healthy with Diabetes: Need to Know

Raja Chakraborty*

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Assam Down Town University, India

*Correspondance to: Raja Chakraborty 

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Diabetes is a major global health concern. People with diabetes have worse mental health outcomes than those without diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes ranges from 6% to 13% and is highest in low-income countries. Between 2005 and 2015, the incidence of diabetes increased at an alarming pace, from 333 million cases to 435 million cases, and more than 700 million adults are expected to have diabetes by the year 2025. The global cost of diabetes in 2014 was estimated at $825 billion annually. Given the increased incidence of diabetes and its associated cost, it is important to better understand the disease as it relates to other conditions. Among persons with diabetes, mental health problems are well documented, and depression is the most common problem. In fact, persons with diabetes are twice as likely to experience depression compared to those without diabetes. A large body of research finds the relationship between diabetes and depression is bidirectional, where depression is associated with decreased metabolic control and diabetes may increase depressive symptoms. Studies have also shown that depressive illness in those with diabetes is associated with increased risk for medical complications, disability, and mortality [1-3].


Chakraborty R. Living Healthy with Diabetes: Need to Know. Ann Pharmacol Pharm. 2018; 3(4): 1156.

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