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Human Health, Nutrition and Food Ingredients of Diet

The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) - Ayushman Bharat - is set to be rolled out on 25 September 2018 for the universal comprehensive healthcare coverage to 100 million families (500 million people) including health insurance scheme (with 5 Lakh rupees annually) to the citizens of India, the biggest in the world.

Published 06 Oct, 2018

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How to Lose Weight and be Healthy?

Weight problems are now becoming an everyday problem. The fast pace of our daily life brings terrible habits and bad diets.

Published 06 Oct, 2018


Development and Physicochemical Properties of Modified Corn Starch with Soy Protein Isolate

Corn starch has been widely used in food, chemical, textile and building materials industries.

Published 23 Aug, 2018

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Changes in Cashew Apple Juice Flavor after Tangential Microfiltration Process

Cashew is a highly nutritive fruit native to Brazil, but the high astringency of its integral juice limits its acceptability and consumption.

Published 20 Jul, 2018

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Mass Spectrometry based Approaches for Analysing Proteins in Processed Food and Feed

Food and feed traceability and authentication have become major societal issues, requiring adequate analytical approach.

Published 20 Jul, 2018

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Toll-like Receptor 4: Target of Lipotoxicity and Exercise-Induced Anti-inflammatory Effect?

Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) are a main target during inflammation and metabolic syndromes as receptors for inflammatory signaling molecules, and are named numerically from 1 to 13 in humans.

Published 26 Jul, 2018


Chronic Stress, Oxygen, and Mitochondria Disfunction the Secret Killers

Microorganisms represent the largest component of biodiversity in our world, yet a common human propensity is to regard all microorganisms as “harmful”, in particular, equating bacteria to pathogenic germs.

Published 17 Jul, 2018


Is There Increase in Autism in the United States?

Autism also referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), is a frequent and debilitating neurological handicap in children, which is usually diagnosed in early childhood.

Published 15 Jun, 2018

Research Article

Early Feeding Patterns and Subsequent Weight Gain in Infants in Hawaii and Puerto Rico Participating in the WIC Program

In response to increasing rates of obesity and associated chronic disease, Japan has implemented several policies, guidelines and programs [1].

Published 15 Jun, 2018/p>


Is Taurine a Possible Option for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Known as a most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder among children, the patients of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) mainly suffer from hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention last long, leading to functional impairments [1].

Published 19 Jun, 2018


ISSN: Waist Circumference in the Diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome: Debate and Solution

In response to increasing rates of obesity and associated chronic disease, Japan has implemented several policies, guidelines and programs [1].

Published 11 Jun, 2018


Lifestyle and Health in Post-Industrial Era

All humans wish to live healthy and full lives. It is only natural for people to begin paying more attention to their health and take steps to manage their health as they get older.

Published 31 May, 2018

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Nutrition Transition in Sri Lanka: A Diagnosis

It has been widely argued that the increased prevalence of overweight and obesity in Asia is due to the nutrition transition experienced by the region.

Published 25 May, 2018

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The Mediterranean Diet: An Update

In this short communication, attempts have been made to provide an update on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Published 22 May, 2018

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Screening of the Cassia Fistula Phytochemical Constituents by UPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS2

Cassia Fistula leaves and their extracts are one of the most widely used herbal products and/or dietary supplements in the world.

Published 17 May, 2018

Short Communication

Psidium Fruits: Endemic Fruits of Latin America with a Wide Variety of Phytochemicals

Main causes of death globally are stroke, ischemic heart and respiratory diseases, no making distinction among regions of the world, nor income economies.

Published 16 May, 2018


Are Functional Foods Essential for Sustainable Health?

Food and diet play a key role in health and disease. The Harvard School of Public Health pinpoints the importance of a quality diet in health maintenance.

Published 26 Apr, 2018

Research Article

Using Sierrathrissa leonensis in Emulsion-Type Sausage

This study was conducted to produce emulsion-type sausages using Sierrathrissa leonensis.

Published 31 Mar, 2018

Research Article

Proximate Composition and Sensory Characteristics of Low-Fat Meatloaf with Shredded Cabbage

The portions of pork fat in meat loaf were replaced with shredded fresh cabbage at 0% (control), 50% and 100% in the production of low-fat meatloaves which were coded as CAB0, CAB50 and CAB100 respectively.

Published 31 Mar, 2018

Research Article

Personality and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Young Men: Mixed Methods Assessment

Background: To assess whether personality of young men (18–24) may impact on their fruit and vegetable consumption using mixed methods.

Published 05 Apr, 2018

Research Article

The Absence of Quality Standards on Meat Trade and its Implications to Retailers and Consumers

The study aimed to compare the regular veal commercialized in Portugal from different origins, namely crossbred beef calves from Portuguese production (PCB) and Holstein calves from Dutch (DHF), Spanish (SHF) and Portuguese (PHF) production.

Published 22 Mar, 2018


Mediterranean Diet: The Right way to Longevity?

The Mediterranean Diet (MD) is not a trendy diet to lose weight in a few days or weeks but a set of knowledge, social habits and cultural traditions historically handed down by the populations that overlook the Mediterranean basin, which since November 2010 UNESCO, for its historical roots and proven scientific bases, it has recognized as "the intangible heritage of humanity".

Published 20 Feb, 2018

Short Communication

Polyphenols - What's Behind their Antiaging Brain Reputation?

The timeline by year of PubMed website shows as more than hundred documents appears under the search of the formula “polyphenols+brain+aging”, being the beginnings of the present century the initial period of this eye-catching interest.

Published 16 Feb, 2018

Research Article

Assessing Household Food Security Status and Nutritional Outcome among Underprivileged Children (10-19 Years) from East Senatorial District of Lagos State, Nigeria

Background: The purpose of this research work was to assess household food security and its nutritional implications on adolescents from selected Local Government Areas of Lagos, Nigeria.

Published 16 Feb, 2018

Research Article

Nutrition and Health of Women in Chile

The objective of this study was to diagnose the nutritional and health status of Chilean women of reproductive age by conducting a literature review.

Published 20 Nov, 2017

Research Article

Spatial Differentiation of Food Expenditures in an Enlarged European Union

This paper studies the structure of consumption profiles for European countries. The analysis covers twenty European Union (EU) member states for the year 1961 and 28 EU countries for the year 2011.

Published 20 Oct, 2017

Review Article

Coffee Silverskin: A Low-Cost Substrate for Bioproduction of High-Value Health Promoting Products

In the last decade, the valorization of food wastes has become a priority research line in order to achieve a sustainable food industry.

Published 29 Sep, 2017

Clinical image

Strict Tomato Soup Diet Causing Thiamine Deficiency

Thiamine deficiency is a neurologic emergency that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Published 18 Jul, 2017

Short Communication

Food Coaching: A New Methodology for an Old Problem

In the present short communication, the author presented and introduced the food coaching.

Published 06 Jul, 2017


Identification of Early Molecular Biomarkers of Diet-Related Pathologies for the Development of Health Preventive Nutritional Strategies

Diet-related pathologies constitute the main cause of mortality now a day’s [1,2].

Published 17 Jun, 2017


Bioavailability of Functional Food Constituents: A Controversial Research Field

Recently consumer demands in the field of food has significantly changed. Consumers, in fact, are aware of that food is related to their health [1].

Published 15 Mar, 2017


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