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Resilience of Patients in Mental Health Care and the Engagement Model: A Mixed Methods Evaluation

This article aims at reporting on how the Engagement Model has been implemented on 9 acute wards of a mental health care hospital and how this contributed to a reduction of rates of seclusion and restraint.

Published 02 Oct, 2018


Use of Illustrations Improve Health Education Process- An Experienced based Perspective

Communication is a necessary tool for health education. Most of the time the audience is highly depended on what information the speakers provide in order to clarify the health believes and eradicate mis-information along with adding correct scientific rational based information.

Published 28 Sep, 2018

Review Article

Investigating Reasons of Positive Surveillance Rate of the Flexible Endoscope in the Operation Room

Flexible endoscopes are semi critical medical devices since they encounter mucous membranes during the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Published 22 Sep, 2018

Research Article

Innovative Utilization of Augmented Reality and Simulation to Promote Nursing Practice

The health challenges facing the nation have shifted dramatically.

Published 19 Sep, 2018

Research Article

Life Style Modification toward Improving Quality of Life and Effects on Caregivers’ Burden: Development of New Nursing Theory

Nursing theories are provide the foundation of nursing practice throughout scientific structure to direct, guide nursing care and absolutely draw highlighted track for nursing future.

Published 20 Aug, 2018

Research Article

The Development of the Life-worldly Communication Scale for Older Adults in Home Care

In an aging society, health care for older adults has been shifting from facility to home-based care, giving caregivers a larger role in older adult’s everyday life.

Published 18 Jun, 2018


Breast Cancer can be taken as Taboo

The health care delivery system in Pakistan is a three tiered, which includes primary, secondary and tertiary care, where the primary sector is mainly focused on community level for the purpose of awareness and promotion of health along with referral to secondary care where the client goes for investigation.

Published 06 Jun, 2018

Case Report

Role of Nursing Personnel in Laboratory Testing

In modern medicine, doctors rely heavily on diagnostic testing to assist them with patient management, making or excluding diagnosis and implementing an appropriate treatment plan.

Published 27 May, 2018

Research Article

β Scale Testing for Self-Sufficiency Assessment in the Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

The first description of multiple sclerosis as a distinct disease entity from the year 1860.

Published 26 May, 2018

Case Report

The Preliminary Evaluation of Influence of Loneliness of Older Patients on their Life Satisfaction

Nurses who receive patients in primary care out-patient clinics try also to assess the mental state of patients.

Published 25 May, 2018

Short Communication

Sleep Disturbances in Heart Failure Patients

Heart failure refers to a condition whereby the heart fails to pump sufficiently to maintain a blood flow which will meet the body’s need, and is the common final pathway for various cardiac diseases.

Published 09 Apr, 2018


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