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Annals of Neurological Surgery is a peer reviewed international journal which publishes research papers of high scientific standard attracting potential researchers like neurologists and neurosurgeons world-wide. Our mission is to advance the neurological and neurosurgical practices that are employed worldwide.


The journal covers all major surgical and clinical research studies related to healthcare, ethical, and social issues related to neurosurgery.
This is an open access, online journal, that consolidates scientific research content and with the renowned expertise of neurosurgeons, neurologists supporting the journal we publish full length manuscripts, case reports, case series, editorials, mini reviews, short communications.

  Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
  AVM resection
  Base of Skull Surgery
  Brain tumors
  Brain Tumour Excision
  Carotid artery blockage/stenosis
  Cerebrovascular - aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), and stroke
  Cerebrovascular surgery
  Cervical Arthroplasty
  Cervical Spine Surgery
  Coiling of Aneurysms
  Embolization of Cerebral and Dural based AVMs
  Embolization of Tumours
  Functional and epilepsy neurosurgery
  Functional Neurosurgery
  General neurosurgery
  Intraoperative angiography
  Lumbar Arthroplasty
  Microsurgical repair of aneurysms
  Microvascular Decompression
  Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  Minimally invasive, Endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular pathology
  Neuro-oncology (brain tumors)
  Parkinson’s Disease and tremors
  Peripheral nerve injury
Mario Ammirati

Mario Ammirati

Ohio State University, USA

Tammy Counts

Tammy Counts

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Yuchuan Ding

Yuchuan Ding

Wayne State University School of Medicine, USA

Fuyou Guo

Fuyou Guo

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, China

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The Document needs to be prepared in English language. The documents containing the manuscript should be a single Word or LaTeX file Any Figures or Tables related to the manuscript need to be attached along with the file. Documents containing the manuscript will be converted to PDF format.

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Journal of Neurosurgical Research consider publishing of original research manuscripts, review manuscripts, case reports, clinical images, editorials, commentaries, opinion pieces, case studies, letters, and perspectives. For initial submission, we recommend authors to submit a single file (.doc) that contains the manuscript text, figures, tables and other supporting information. Submit manuscript as an email attachment to submission@remedypublications.com.

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