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Risk Factors for the Symptom of Anal Incontinence One Year after Vaginal Delivery in Primiparous Danish Women: A Prospective Cohort Study

Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine maternal and perinatal risk factors for anal incontinence (AI) one year after vaginal delivery in primiparous women with no AI before the pregnancy.

Published 10 Jul, 2018

Review Article

Menstrual Migraine and Treatment Options: Review Hormonal Therapy in the Prevention of Menstrual Migraine

Hormonal migraine is defined as the unilateral severe headaches that occur in reproductive aged women usually 7 days premenstrual to 3 days after onset of menses.

Published 24 May, 2018

Case Report

Pregnancy Following Kidney Transplant: Case Report and Literature Review

Pregnancies in women with chronic kidney failure are considered as high-risk pregnancies because there are some possible complications that may occur during pregnancy and may affect the mother, the foetus, or both of them.

Published 22 May, 2018

Research Article

Obstetric Outcome and Predictors of Pregnancy Loss in Pregnant Women with Epilepsy: A Five-Year Prospective Observational Study

Objective: To ascertain prospectively the maternal and fetal outcome in women with epilepsy who were on antiepileptic drugs compared to women who stopped medical therapy and to find out predictors of pregnancy loss.

Published 20 Mar, 2018

Review Article

The Regulation and Function of T Lymphocyte in Fetomaternal Immunity Tolerance

During pregnancy, maternal immune system orchestrates the optimal immune modulation to prevent a detrimental response to allogeneic fetal cells while providing immune protection against pathogen invasion.

Published 14 Mar, 2018


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