Ann Epilepsy Seizure | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Effects of L-Carnitine and Ginkgo Biloba on Spleen in Experimentally-Induced Epileptic Seizures Disease in Rats

Mohamed F. F Bayomy1, Ehab Tousson2 and Basiouny Fouad El-sendiony2*

1Department of Zoology, Menoufiya University, Egypt
2Department of Zoology, Tanta University, Egypt

*Correspondance to: Basiony Fouad Elsendiony 

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Pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) model is playing important role to understand the pathophysiology of epileptic seizures and leading to a theory in which a repeated injection of PTZ causes seizure gradually. It is used widely in antiepileptic drug studies. The current study aimed to determine the possible protective and ameliorative effects of L-carnitine and Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extracts (GLE) on spleen against PTZ induced epileptic seizures disease in rats. A total of 80 male albino rats were equally divided into eight groups; 1st group was the control; 2nd and 3rd were GLE and L-carnitine groups, respectively; while the 4th group was pentylenetetrazole rat group and the 5th and 6th groups were pre GLE and L-carnitine groups respectively; the 7th and 8th groups were post GLE and L-carnitine, respectively. PTZ leads to an increase in Malondialdehyde (MDA) and to a decrease in Glutathione Reductase (GSH), Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione Peroxidase activity (GPX) and catalase. Marked disruption of spleen structure and loss in distinction between the white and red pulps, a marked decrease in the lymphocyte population in the white pulp. In the spleen sections in PTZ group. Faint or mild positive reactions of PCNA-ir were detected in spleen of PTZ rat group. Pre- and post treatment with GLE and L-carnitine were improved the biochemical, histological and immunohistochemical alterations in spleen that treated with PTZ.


Pentylenetetrazole; Seizures; Ginkgo biloba; L-carnitine; PCNA-ir


Bayomy MFF, Tousson E, El-sendiony BF. Effects of L-Carnitine and Ginkgo Biloba on Spleen in ExperimentallyInduced Epileptic Seizures Disease in Rats. Ann epilepsy Seizure. 2018; 1(1): 1003.

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