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Nephrotoxic Potential of Ethanol Root and Stem Extracts of Dennettia Tripetala on Wistar Rats Administered Thermoxidized Palm Oil

This study aimed at assessing the effect of ethanol root and stem extracts of Dennettia tripetala on kidney function indices in rats administered thermoxidized palm oil.

Published 11 Nov, 2019

Research Article

Assessment of Cytotoxic Activity Using Artemia salina (Brine Shrimp Nauplii) of Citrus limon L (Lemon) Seed Extract

For preliminary assessment of toxicity the brine shrimp lethality assay is deliberated a useful implement.

Published 22 Oct, 2019

Research Article

Induction of Oxidative Stress by Methotrexate in the Testicular Tissue of Swiss Albino Mice

Methotrexate toxicity has been reported to occur due to the prolonged usage of the drug for desired therapeutic outcome.

Published 21 Oct, 2019


Hepatic Encephalopathy: Analytical Methods of Interest in the Quantification of Therapeutic Agents Utilized in the Management of the Disease in Biological Fluids

Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE) is a neurological syndrome that is progressive but potentially reversible cause of cerebral dysfunction.

Published 09 Sep, 2019

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Mitigation of Lead Acetate Induced Toxicity by Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Lead is one of the main environmental contaminants which can threaten the living organisms in many ways.

Published 06 Sep, 2019

Short Communication

Self Injurious Behavior Observed after Administration of Poly herbal Combination for the Management of Antidepressant in Albino Rat

Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) is the behavior of individuals who impose physical damage conceivably pain, leading themselves that highly established in autism and other neuro-developmental disorders.

Published 21 Aug, 2019


Management Instrument in Toxicology and Poisoning Field to Reduce Mortality Rate

In today healthcare poisoning and toxicology play a relevant role in the management of patient life.

Published 15 Jul, 2019

Review Article

Acne Protection: Measures & Miseries

Acne, also known as Acne Vulgaris (AV), is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin.

Published 05 Jul, 2019


Toxicity Consequences of Chemically Contrived Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: NSAIDs

Anti-inflammatory drug are potentially used as pain-killer and reducing the tissue inflammation for faster wound healing.

Published 12 Jun, 2019

Short Communication

Steroid Hormone Receptors Expression and Breast Cancer Management

It is currently believed that estrogen and progesterone both the steroid hormones antagonize each other in the prevention of breast cancer.

Published 12 Jun, 2019

Review Article

Chemistry of Secondary Metabolites

Medicinal plants, are known to deliver a wide scope of Plant Secondary Metabolites (PSMs) connected as bug sprays, medications, colors and poisons in farming, prescription, industry and biofighting in addition to bio-fear mongering, separately.

Published 31 May, 2019

Research Article

Change of Temperature at Sting Site by Scorpion in León, Guanajuato

Introduction: Being Mexico one of the countries with the highest diversity in species of scorpions, their population is at a greater risk of being poisoned by scorpion sting.

Published 01 Apr, 2019

Research Article

Ascorbic Acid Supplementation Protects Against Gasoline Fume-Induced Oxidative Stress and Thyroid Dysfunction in Rats

The protective effect of ascorbic acid against gasoline fume –induced oxidative stress and thyroid gland dysfunction was investigated in rats.

Published 20 Mar, 2019

Clinical Image

A Young Male with Vomiting and Blurring of Vision

Mr. X, a 24-year-old non-diabetic, normotensive man from Kaliganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh presented in Dhaka Medical College Hospital with the complaints of several episodes (15) of vomiting with clear vomitus and blurring of vision for one day after ingestion of 180 ml (6 units) of vodka the previous night.

Published 10 Jan, 2019

Research Article

Median Lethal Dose and Phytochemical Studies of Aqueous Leaves Extract of Blue Pussy Leaf Nelsonia canescens (Lam.) Spreng

Currently there is a renewed interest in drugs of natural origin simply because they are green medicine, and green medicine offers safe, effective treatment, minimal or no side effects, easily available, lesser cost and are in great demand in the developed world health care.

Published 11 Dec, 2018

Research Article

The Prevalence of Viral Hepatitis: A Case Study of Aliero Metropolis

The scourge viral hepatitis is life threatening and is about to become an epidemic particularly in Aliero metropolis.

Published 31 Dec, 2018

Research Article

Expression of Stress Proteins Induced by Cadmium "In Vivo" and "In Vitro" and the Search for the Protective Effect of Magnesium in In Vitro Culture

Our results show an over expression of HSP 72/73 in the liver, kidneys and testes.

Published 11 Dec, 2018

Research Article

An Insight into Effects of Pollution in Aquatic Environment through Effects of Nickel Accumulation on Catalase Activity of Clarias Gariepinus

Aquatic ecosystem is the natural habitat of fish and water pollution that directly affect underwater fish and human beings are indirectly at high risk by consuming these fish.

Published 06 Dec, 2018


What Role Should Toxicology Play in a World Become Overloaded by Pollutants and Pathologies?

Currently, everyone knows that we live in a world of pollution and we wonder in a very pragmatic way about the known, unknown, suspected or simply considered effects between environmental pollutants, technologies, scientific advances and pathologies that we have, for half-century of the industrial era intensification.

Published 29 Oct, 2018

Review Article

Quality of Life in Relation to Hormonal Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients- an Evidence Based Review

Antihormonal treatment is currently the mainstay therapy in hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients after adjuvant chemotherapy or after surgical resection.

Published 19 Sep, 2018

Review Article

Reproductive Toxicity of Organophosphate Pesticides

In recent years, second generation of Organophosphate Pesticides (OP), due to their target specific actions and low bioaccumulation properties, have replaced the most persistent organochlorines.

Published 22 May, 2018

Research Article

Stress as a Risk Factor in Induction and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease: Impact on the Possible Protection Using Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate and/or Diazepam

Background/Objective: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease.

Published 16 Apr, 2018

Research Article

Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients with Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning are Associated with QT Dispersion

Background: Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning has a direct myocardial toxicity and arrhythmogenic potential.

Published 06 Apr, 2018


Why Do Some Scientists Lie in the Name of Science?

The history of inventions and discoveries by the long line of scientists, tells us their stories and details.

Published 29 Jan, 2018


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