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The journal Annals of Clinical Surgery is an International journal that aims to be one of the best online surgery journal. The journal is backed by the most experienced professionals as Editorial Board Members. The Editorial Board Members of the journal are responsible for developing the journal in all possible aspects without losing its quality in publishing. The EB members of the journal oversees the peer review processing and strict plagiarism checking at every stage of the manuscript processing. The journal acknowledges the service of the EB members for guiding the journal’s quality towards development. The manuscripts submitted to the journal are assigned to the EB members for processing and Editor holds the final decision on the publishing of manuscript.

  • Shigeki Sawada, Himeji Red Cross Hospital, Japan
  • Hironobu Ihn, Kumamoto University Hospital, Japan
  • Keishiro Aoyagi, Kurume Univeristy School of Medicine, Japan
  • Wei-Jei Lee, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Dong-ik Kim, Samsung Medical Center, South Korea
  • Joji Yamamoto, Kamagaya General Hospital, Japan
  • Marcos Tobias-MachadoABC Medical School, Brazil
  • Randall T. HigashidaUniversity of California, USA
  • Joon Seong ParkGangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University, Korea
  • Yasser AljehaniImam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
  • Koichi Sakakura, Gunma ENT Clinic & Lab, Japan
  • Raja Kummoona, Iraqi Board of Medical Specialization, Iraq
  • Rosario Vecchio, University of Catania, Italy
  • Ravinder Pal Singh, Saroj Super-Speciality Hospital, India
  • Eva Intagliata, ASP Caltanissetta, Italy
  • Ziya Anadol Gazi, University School of Medicine, Turkey
  • Fatin R. Polat, Namık Kemal University School of Medicine, Turkey
  • Dai Uematsu, Saku Central Hospital Advanced Care Center, Japan
  • Shigeo Masuda, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan
  • Jacopo Desiderio, St. Mary’s Hospital, Italy


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