Ann Clin Med Res | Volume 2, Issue 5 | Case Report | Open Access

Melioidosis with Cardiac Tamponade - A Great Mimicker

Kee Nam Tan1 * and Qin Jian Low2

1 Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Queen Elizabeth, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 2 Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Sultanah Nora Ismail, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

*Correspondance to: Kee Nam Tan 

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Melioidosis and tuberculosis share a group of similar presentation and often mimicking each other. It has become a challenge for the treating physician in order to establish a correct diagnosis, especially in the place where both melioidosis and tuberculosis are endemic. Furthermore, melioidosis pericardial effusion is rare and it is not uncommon to miss the diagnosis. The only way to differentiate between these two diseases to obtain culture or histological biopsy. We would like to illustrate a case of melioidosis pericardial effusion who presented as cardiac tamponade, was initially treated empirically as tuberculosis pericarditis


Melioidosis; Cardiac tamponade; Tuberculosis; Pericarditis


Tan KN, Low QJ. Melioidosis with Cardiac Tamponade - A Great Mimicker. Ann Clin Med Res. 2021; 2(5): 1038..

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