Ann Clin Med Res | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Mini Review | Open Access

Inflammatory Conditions Aggravate COVID Outcomes

Louis Touyz ZG*

Department of Dentistry, McGill University, Canada

*Correspondance to: Louis Touyz ZG 

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Provenance: Circulating toxins like endotoxin, in the cardiovascular system, may predispose vulnerable people to more severe morbidity and mortality from other cytokine producing infections like COVID. Recent studies show relationship between periodontitis and severity of morbidity from COVID infections. Aim: This appraisal puts forward a hypothesis that explains this relationship. Discussion: Periodontal disease may develop after chronic gingivitis. Bacterial ecosystems in climax biofilms prevalent in advanced cases of periodontitis releases acids, enzymes, antigens, mitogens and inflammatory cytokines. Periodontitis and COVID both release inflammatory cytokines. Conclusion: The presence of Periodontitis may seriously affect morbidity, mortality derived from COVID infection, and impacts decisions on treatment options.


Covid-19; Covid; Corona Virus; Coronavirus disease 2019; SARS-CoV-2; COVID; Cytokines; Inflammation; periodontitis


Louis Touyz ZG. Inflammatory Conditions Aggravate COVID Outcomes. Ann Clin Med Res. 2021; 2(2): 1027.

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