Ann Clin Med Res | Volume 1, Issue 3 | Research Article | Open Access

COVID-19: A Pandemic Virus: Treatment and Management 2020

Louis ZG Touyz

Department of Dentistry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

*Correspondance to: Louis ZG Touyz 

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Abstract COVID-19 is an RNA virus which caused a pandemic in 2020. This account clarifies what a virus the COVID-19 virus is, clarifies how the virus spreads, appraises existing therapeutic modalities, and lays out accepted strategies for social behavior, constraint of the virus and selection for quarantine during the pandemic. Background and Introduction: Therapeutic modalities over the past century embraced three broad vistas, namely Psychological, Surgical and Medical management. Mental health, diagnosis treatment and therapy have replaced superstition, prayer and vapid religious ritual. With invasive surgical procedures, virtual elimination of pain is taken for granted, operative modalities are modernized, and recovery times and convalescence has been drastically reduced. In medicine, most people have grasped how well the possibility of infection is constrained, controlled and minimized. Thanks to the Internet, main-stream and social media, the vast majority of the global population seems to understand the huge expansion of biomedical progress made over the past hundred years. Yet when it comes to viral infections with a distinct probability of causing a pandemic, like the influenza pandemic of 1918, there seems to be an innate resistance to comprehending the full extent, influence, dangers morbidity and mortality, that such a novel virus can inflict on global groups whether small confined communities or populous crowded populations. The classic example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic currently (2020) affecting people throughout the globe. When the COVID-19 virus first struck people in February 2020, health care workers knew little about its’ origin, effects and therapy. From global reports, clinical managements and sharp intense observation, more is known now [Sept 2020] about its’ pathogenesis and treatment modalities. Consequently, morbidity has reduced and chances of survival have improved significantly. Aim: The purpose of this subjective appraisal is to summarize current (2020) approaches and protocols to COVID management which moderate, constrain, minimize or modify the infection.


COVID-19; Epidemic; Infection; Therapy; Pandemic; Prophylaxis; Virus


Touyz LZG. COVID-19: A Pandemic Virus: Treatment and Management 2020. Ann Clin Med Res. 2020; 1(3): 1014.

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