Case Report

The Role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rv1986 and Rv3823c in Stimulating Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses

Background: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb) infection is a major global threat, the protective effect of traditional vaccine BCG is poor for adults, and therefore, an effective vaccine against this pathogen is urgently required.

Published 16 Aug, 2018


Scrub Typhus in India-An Impending Threat!

Scrub typhus, a rickettsial infection caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi, a gram-negative obligate intracellular coccobacillus is transmitted to humans by the bite of larval stage (chigger) of trombiculid mite.

Published 03 Jul, 2018

Case Report

Adoration of the Magi: Agammaglobulinemia of the Mother, Clinically Expressed in her Child

A newborn child, who suffered from two episodes of bacterial meningitis, was found to have an absence of IgG.

Published 16 Apr, 2018

Short Communication

New Strategy for the Identification of Tumor-Associated Antigens that Induce Therapeutic Immune Responses in Tumor-Bearing Mice

This short report describes a unique strategy designed to identify dominant tumor antigens associated with lung cancer cells with general applicability to other histologic types of cancer.

Published 13 Feb, 2018


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