Alzheimers Dementia Int | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Editorial | Open Access

Neuro-Genetic Processes during Sleep and Wake in Human

Vahram R Sargsyan*

International Academy of Neuroscience, Armenia

*Correspondance to: Vahram R Sargsyan 

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On the basis of a new genetic theory developed in 2018, neurogenetic processes during sleep and wakefulness in humans are discussed. A new definition of the most important physiological processes of the human body, such as dreams, thinking and hallucinations, is presented. A new and fundamentally different understanding of the neurogenetic processes during human sleep and wakefulness is not only of paramount importance for the development of basic science, but can also become the basis for the development of a modern and more efficient education and health care system.


Neuro genetics; Nano-model genetic theory; Sleep; Dream; Thinking; Hallucination


Sargsyan VR. Neuro-Genetic Processes during Sleep and Wake in Human. Alzhimers Dementia Int. 2019;1(1): 1003..

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